Hi. I guess you don't want to know to much about me since it's probably not nearly so exciting as what event you have planned where you are looking for a photographer.But, to ensure formalities are done, here's a little about me:
I trained (too many years ago) in Art and Design at University in Liverpool. I've had a passion for photography since about the age of 10 when, after seeing me play with my dad's old camera, my brothers bought me my first Olympus XA1 for my birthday. I won't claim to have been taking photographs ever since then but it has been a while now.

When I got married seven years ago I found it hard to find the photographer I wanted (though we did find a good one, thanks Mike!). I felt inspired to do something of my own, to shoot weddings in a way that I would feel happy with. So what you see on the site is a combination of passions. I hope that if you like my work you consider booking me. In any event drop me a line and we could talk; I'd love to hear about the details of your special day and we could find out if I can deliver the kind of treasured images that you are looking for.